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Thai Chadaa Massage‚Äč  

 Mindfulness massage

thai traditional massage



I, Rutchasaree Garrod, am a Thai native and holding a master's degree in Developmental Psychology. Previously, I graduated BSc in Psychology and Sociology from Sheffield Hallam University. I own and run Thai-Chadaa alongside with qualified-Thai staffs. Clearly, Thai-Chadaa only provides a service of Thai massage for relaxing and sells relevant goods such as aromatherapy products. Thai-Chadaa , definitely, not provides an inappropriate sexual service.

I conduct my psychological academic to my business and train my staffs to invent with Thai traditional massage. I am sure that Thai-Chadaa is a unique art of Thai massage provider combining with sciences in Psychology. My concept of the service is a combination of mindfulness and massage for my clients. Therefore, Thai Chadaa is not only a massage provider, but also, we provide a sense and touch of psychological Buddhism.

I am interested in the connection of brain and body. I was studying how the brain works affected our behaviour such as mood and emotions. Neurotransmitters' levels can impact our mental state. Massage therapy can help you feel relax and stay away from stress. For example, serotonin and dopamine are linked to our stress and pleasure circuit. When we have been stressful from life events, these two neurotransmitters will signal our brain to work improperly resulting mental health issue. Significantly, massage enhances cognitive improvement in children, adults and vulnerable people with dementia, autism and cancer, for instance. There is such an impact benefit from massage that I would like to provide to my clients.   


ITEC level 3 diploma in massage

Mrs R Garrod, MBPsS

BSc (hons) Psychology and Sociology

MSc. Developmental Psychology

Sheffield Hallam University

ITEC level 3 Diploma in massage

ITEC level 3 Anatomy & Physiology


  • Graduate member of The British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • Publication:

Di Betta, A.M., Borowka, M., Garrod, R., Morgan, J., & Playfoot, D. (2016) Interference and inhibition in the bilingual lexicon: Evidence for Polish-English interlingual homographs, PSP Research Conference, SHU, England.

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